Thursday, 16 June 2011

Books from Bunts

Amrit. N. Shetty’s Book gets Published by Penguin Books
Bunts are making their mark in in every field. Amrith Shetty’s novel titled ‘Love Over Coffee’ gets published by Penguin Books and was listed as top seller in the Crossword bookstore.
About Amrith
Amrit N. Shetty is an IT professional working with a multinational company. He has worked with various IT companies including ones in Austin, Dublin and Edinburgh. Besides writing, Amrit enjoys reading and watching movies. This is his debut novel.He lives in Delhi with his wife. Read his blog at

The following is an excerpt from the book. You should be able to find the book in an leading bookstore.

Rajni blew her hair away from her face.
My heart skipped a beat.
‘I love you!’ I blurted out.
Her cheeks turned a deep pink.
I could sense that her anger had completely disappeared.
Anup, a happy-go-lucky boy next door, finds himself a misfit in an IT company. On the bright side, he has great friends in office—Chetan, Subbu and Parag—to help him out of sticky situations. Also, in the same office is the love of his life, Rajni. But Rajni’s strict family and her paranoia of tongue-wagging colleagues play villain in their love story forcing him to be satisfied with clandestine meetings, secret phone conversations and emails. Just as Anup decides to turn over a new leaf, sinister happenings at work force him to take some life-changing decisions—to quit his job and pursue his long-cherished dream of becoming a writer; and also, to marry Rajni.

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