Saturday, 18 June 2011

Dr Vijayabhanu Shetty - Cancer Cure

The Muniyal Ayurvedic Research Centre here claims to have found a cure for cancer. Dr M Vijayabhanu Shetty, president of Krishna Muniyal Memorial Trust, told reporters here on Wednesday that the centre has produced a multi-dimensional drug for treatment of any kind of cancer.
Dr. M. Vijayabhanu Shetty
The treatment process, known as Mahoushdaha Kalpa, includes a drug called Immunex and therapy. The drug prepared from various herbs and bhasmas dissolves away the tumor cells and produces no ill-effects even in high doses, he said.
Shetty said that 10 patients, with different stages of cancer, were treated with Mahaoushadha Kalpa. One was a patient whose cancer was discovered early. He showed excellent remission and is more or less normal now. Six others with advanced cancer have showed significant remission. And three patients with terminal cancer did not recover, but last days were not as painful, Shetty explained.
He also said there were no side effects like hair fall, organ damage etc. It is economical. Early treatment can produce good results with this treatment. Immunex has got the due approval by Bangalore Drug Licensing Authority under ISM and also ISO 9001-2000 certification. He said the treatment is extended at Muniyal Hospital and Ayurvedic College, Manipal.
Shetty said modern medicine follows two mode of treatment for cancer. One is chemotherapy, a treatment where a drug is injected into blood to kill cancer cells and the other one is radiation therapy to burn the cells. These even kill normal cells. But Mahaoushadha Kalpa, purely based on the Indian system has been indigenously researched and developed and causes no untoward ill effects, instead creates a sense of well being in patients.
Detoxification of body by Deerghayu kalpa and Prevention of food related diseases by adopting a clinical diet are also the salient part of this treatment .
Adoption of Dinacharya ( Daily regimen) and Rtiucharya ( seasonal regimen) to counter the environmental ill effects and practice or Samata and Maitri Dhyana, Yoga and Pranayama for Chitta Shuddhi and vipasana dhayana to provoke cellular intelligence and thereby control the cancer growth progression.
Rejuvenation of body cells by Pyramid therapy forms part of treatment.
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