Saturday, 18 June 2011

Tarun Shetty - An Ace Entertainer

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Washington DC, March 26: Some people believe there are only two types of comediennes in this world.  The one's who make you laugh by their actions and the one's who make you laugh by talking.  So, which one are you?  Are you the kind of person whose lips don't even twitch when you see two guys slamming pies in each others faces?  Or are you the one who sits a wee bit forward in his seat and really listens when a witty person takes to the mike?  If you are, well then, our own Mangalorean, Tarun Shetty is the man for you.
Tarun Shetty
Simply put, Tarun is a stand up comedienne who takes to his audience like a duck takes to water and what's more he doesn't just quack to make you laugh.  Using wit and humor to entertain the world is Tarun's profession and he enjoys doing it too.  Puts his heart and soul into it to be more precise.
A product of NYU's School of Arts, Tarun has worked his way up the New York Comedy Club Circuit.  He has worked for the Boston Comedy Club for two years and made his first television appearance on the Nickelodeon Show 'Laugh Out Loud' also in New York.  In 2001, at the Harvard University Demon Comedy Fest, Tarun premiered a Short Film at the New York International Film Festival.

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