Friday, 24 June 2011

Qatar: M Ravi Shetty to Lead Bunts Qatar

Qatar, May 2: Prominent member of the Karnataka expatriate community, former president of Tulu Koota Qatar and managing director of Advanced Technical Services M Ravi Shetty has been unanimously elected the first President of 'Bunts Qatar 2011'. 
The official launching of the new forum was held recently at Layan Club, Salwa Road. Eminent personality from Mangalore, Ortho surgeon, Nitte University vice chancellor and Tejasvini hospital chairman Dr M Shantharam Shetty, declared open the new forum of the Bunt community by reading out the first committee list. 
The MC of the event, the icon of Qatar Toastmasters Rammohan Rai delivered the opening remarks and presented the brief introduction of the special guest Dr M. Shantharam Shetty. 
Addressing the gathering, Dr Shetty gave a wake-up call to all the fellow-community members to get rid of the prevailing dowry system and to focus more on educating to the female members who are the pillars of the entire family in generating education.
The soft-spoken Dr Shetty further highlighted the importance of a leadership quality in a forum and advised the community leaders to take every necessary measure to extend help for the needy community members. 
Ravi Shetty in his first presidential address assured all the fellow-community members that the new forum will extend every possible help to the needy members of their community within the framework.
Shetty emphasized the importance to extend all their support to the associated organization. At this juncture, he also announced the best community service award to Divakar Poojary, general secretary of ICBF, and the twice past-president of Tulu Koota Qatar.
Ravi Shetty stated that the "Bunts Qatar" was committed to honouring a deserving community member every year for the Excellent Community Service rendered to the Karnataka expatriate community in the State of Qatar, irrespective of any caste or religion. 
Poojary thanked the members of Bunts' community forum for the great honour. A gesture of friendship and harmony revealed the rich tradition of Bunts' community by way of inviting prominent members from other communities who were present at large to witness the launching of first Bunts'  organization in Qatar.  
The forum also felicitated the students of their community for their outstanding performance in various fields. 
The launching function of the first Bunts forum in Qatar came to a grand finale with entertainment  to the audience with evergreen old hits from the late Kishore Kumar, the late Mohammed Rafi , super hits from Kannada, Tulu and fast-track songs by well-known famous artistes from Mangalore Jyothsna and Sandesh. 

The event concluded after Prarthana S Shetty proposed a vote of thanks, followed by dinner. 
The first committee of Bunts Qatar 2011 led by M Ravi Shetty is as follows:-
Prakash Chandra Ajila, vice president
Navneeth Shetty, general secretary
Dhananjay Shetty, treasurer
Uday Shetty, sports co-ordinator
Akshata A Hegde, cultural co-ordinator
Vijaya N Shetty, ladies co-ordinator
and Roshan Shetty, joint secretary.

Advisory panel:
Jaya Shetty, Rammohan Rai, Mahabala Shetty, Manjunath Shetty, Harish Shetty,  Chandrashekar Shetty, Ramachandra Shetty, Dineshchandra Shetty, Krishna Teja Shetty, Sudhakar Shetty, Sathish Shetty and R T Shetty. 
The special needs committee: Dr Rajith Shetty, Santhosh Shetty, Seetharam Shetty, Deepak Shetty, Prakash Shetty and Dayananda Shetty

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