Thursday, 16 June 2011

Mangalore delicacy


Gudbud is the most popular ice-cream in Mangalore city. You can ask anybody about this!

Mangalore’s most popular ice-cream is a mix-and-match flavour called Gadbad. In a tall glass, one layer of kesar ice-cream, a thin layer of jelly, some dry-fruits, then strawberry ice-cream, fresh fruits and vanilla ice-cream.

Enjoy this splendid fusion only at Ideal Cream Parlour,Hampankatta and Pubbas, Lalbagh.

Mangalore Halwa

There is an old Mangalorean saying: you cannot come to this city and go away without eating and taking along a kilo each of Halwa from Taj Mahal or Komals. This is true even today.

The halwas (of wheat, Guava, Banana) are made in pure ghee.

Kane (Lady fish) Curry or Fry    

Fish, of course, is the staple diet of Mangalore especially Kane (lady fish) to really appreciate this delicacy when it is cooked as a gassi or fried with rawa and masala and served before you.

Ole Bella (Palm jaggery)         

Palm jaggery is like sugarcane jaggery, only it is healthier, and the chosen one in Mangalore. Palm jaggery is darker and richer in colour, it is somewhat salty in content, and it is certainly the healthier food. It is an extract of the palm tree, a juice, just as toddy is the palm tree’s sap.
 It is the first extract of the palm juice. The juice is boiled, a little salt is added to it to act as a preservative, and so that the jaggery does not taste too sweet. And then it is cooled and poured into a long cone made of palm leaves.

 The cone is then wrapped in rice straws and preserved. At the time of use, the cone is finely sliced, so that the jaggery is cut into a disc with a palm ribbon around the edge. Some families dry the palm juice on mats. Others on lime floors called kobas. The drying process over, the jaggery is stored in an air-tight container which preserves it easily for up to a year.

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