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Bunts Sanghas Around the World

Bunts Association of North America (BANA)

Bunts Association of North America (BANA) formed in September-1987.
The association with its members from Bunts Community in North America (includes United States of America and Canada) was formed with the aim to preserve and promote cultural activities and bringing together all the Bunts of the region.

Shubhakar Hegde is the president of the BANA-2009 committee. The other members of the committee are as follows:

Vice President                          Satish Shetty

Secretaries                             Suresh Shetty
                                                Vinod Shetty

Treasurers                              Manoj Shetty
                                                Pradeep Rai  

Advisors                                  Devdas Shetty
                                                Sakaram Shetty
                                                Soudhamini Shetty
                                                Suresh Ballal

Event Committee                    Geetha Shetty
                                                Suman Shetty
                                                Gaythri Shetty
                                                Anita Ballal
                                                Naveen Shetty
Coordinator                             Chandrika Hegde

Souvenir Committee               Pradeep Hegde
                                                Sandya Rai
                                                Uday Naik
                                                Sampath Pakkala

Committee                              Pallavi Shetty
                                                Shweta Kulkarni
                                                Shree Gupta
                                                Vidya Shetty

Youth Committee                    Ramprasad Hegde
                                                Greeshma Hegde
                                                Shefali Shetty
                                                Kartheek Hegde

Internet Committee                 Preetham Hegde
                                                Sherin Shetty
                                                Suhan Hegde
                                                Vinod Rai.  

The Bunts Association (UK)

The Bunts Association (UK) was formed in the year 1990 with the initiative and leadership of Dr.Bellare Madhava Shetty with  the active support of few enthusiastic bunts of UK.

     1. Aims:
   (a) To promote social contact among the Bunts in U.K.;
   (b) To popularise the cultural heritage of the Bunts;
   (c) To encourage achievement in educational, sporting and extracurricular activities;
   (d) To maintain contact and reciprocity with Bunts Association all over the world.

2. Eligibility:
   (a) Bunts, their spouses and their families;
   (b) Those who subscribe to the same culture and philosophy.

UK Bunts now has about two hundred active members.

Shri.Ramesh Shetty (No. 28 Kynaston Wood, Harrow, and Middlesex, HA3 6UA) is the president by the managing committee for the three year term (2009-11) and other office bears of the committee are as follows:
Secretary: Mrs. Sabeena Shetty – 13 Goodwood Close, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO8 8BG
Joint Secretaries: Mrs. Solme Shetty & Mrs. Hita Shetty
Committee Members: Mrs. Ritha Shetty, Mrs. Sujath Bail, Dr. Thimmappa Shetty, Dr.Viswajith Hegde, Mrs. Sumalini Prakash & Mrs. Asha Ballal.

Pune Bunts Sangha

 Pune Bunts Sangha Is an active committee for the bunts of Pune.The managing committee for the period 2007-2009 was formed with Mr. Sadanand Shetty as the President,Mr. Chanrahas Shetty as the Hon. Secretary,Mr. Krishna Shetty - Hon. Treasurer,Mr. Kanakdas Shetty and Dr. Balajith Shetty as  Vice President.
 Mr. Sadanand Shetty - President                Mrs. Indira S. Shetty - Ladies Wing Chairperson  

Bunts Sangha Mysore

Bunts Sangha MBunts Sangha (R), Mysore was established in 1973.
Bunts Sangha was started with the intention of inculcating a sense of pride in the younger generation for their culture and tradition and past glory, so that their ennobling traits would help them in shaping their personality and bringing name and fame to the community and the society at large.
The Bunts Sangha, Mysore has over 600 Life Time Members from various districts like Mysore, Hunsur, Mandya and Chamarajanagar.
Now, a new committe has been formed to look into the affairs of "Buntara Bhavana" - a community hall coming up at Mysore. For details click here
The Sangha is managed by some High profile people in Mysore who have a high standing in social and financial circles.
The following is the dedicated team at Bunts Sangha (R), Mysore

Sri M. Sanjeeva Shetty President

Shri.T.Prabhakar Shetty Vice President

Ms.Sujatha L Shetty
Vice President  

Shri Ganesh Narayan Hegde K-Hon Secretary,Shri K Prakash Shetty-Treasurer,Shri M.Nanadayappa Shetty-Joint Secretary
 Executive Committee Members
Smt Shubha S.Alva
Smt Pramila S.Shetty
Smt Priya P.Shetty
Sri K.H.Sarvothama Shetty
Sri K.Manojkumar Chowta
Sri D.Lokesh Shetty
Sri S.Shivaprasad Mada
Sri P.Harish Alva
Sri Vishwanath Rai

President Nominees
Dr.T.Dayananda Chowta
Sri P.Suresh Alva
Sri K.Subramanya Rai

Special Invitees
Sri S.Udaya Shetty
Dr.B.Satish Rai
Sri Surendra Hegde
Sri Sanjay K.Shetty
Sri Jagannatha S.Shetty
Sri B.V.Ekanatha Rai

Bunts Sangha Madras

Bunts Sangha,Madras,was formed in the year 1980.They have completed more than 28 years after ita formation.There were fewer Bunts in Chennai.At present there are about 150 bunt families in and around Chennai city.
The Office Bearers for 2008-2009 are:
President : Venugopal Adappa
Vice President : Sujaya HBN Shetty
President Elect: M Diwakar Shetty
General Secretsry : P.Sudarshan
Treasurer : Kusha Marla
Joint Secretary : Gopalkrishna Adyanthaya
For more info click here

Bunts Sangha Mumbai

 Bunts Sangha Mumbai established in the year 1927 with a clear objective to promote Social, Economical, Educational and Cultural needs of Bunt community. Over the years Buntara Bhavana Kurla, Mumbai has become the meeting  point for bunts scattered all over Mumbai.
 Buntara Bhavana built on the land donated by Late Shri.Thimappa Bhandary is ideally situated in the heart of Mumbai.  Air Conditioned auditorium\marriage hall named after Smt.Radha Thimappa Bhandary, has huge dinning place, well equipped kitchen and ample parking place. For many years this place has become the centre of various cultural activities, and has thus provided  platform for many talented artists to display their talent. The Air Conditioned marriage hall is being offered to Bunt Community people at an affordable rate.
 Educational Institutions:
The Bunts Sangh Mumbai has promoted and\or managing four educational institutions in Mumbai with an aim to provide basic education for the people of Karnataka origin at free of cost to the needy in night schools and impart quality higher education with qualified and talented teaching staff and with best possible infrastructure. In these higher education institutions adequate provision is made to provide the education to needy of Bunt community at subsidised fee structure.
 Kananda Free Night schools.
Karnataka Free Night High School Ghatkopar, and Shree Nityananda Kannada Free Night School Worli, these schools are serving the people of Karnataka Origin, predominantly working class students by providing free basic education (till 10th Standard) in Kannada medium from a very long time. These schools were funded and managed by few big hearted donors, due to constant increase in the in put cost the above institutions were finding it difficult to survive. Bunts Sangh Mumbai realising the need to keep these institutions alive offered to take over these schools. Now these schools are funded and managed by Bunts Sangh Mumbai.
 These schools continue to provide education at free of cost, in the early days the students for these schools were the one’s who use to work in hotels during the day and study in the night, now these schools backed by qualified teaching staff are attracting large number of regular students, during the academic year 2008-09 Karnataka Free Night school Ghatkopar, has secured 100% results in S.S.L.C.
 SM Shetty School Powai, Mumbai.
Bunts Sangh Mumbai made a small beginning by starting S.M.Shetty School with  mere 280 students in the year 1998 at a prime locality, Powai, on the land measuring about two acres donated by Government of Maharashtra through MHADA. This school was built with generous donations received by S.M.Shetty, Manmohan Shetty, R.N.Shetty and many others. Today the institution imparts high quality education to around two thousand six hundred and fifty students from Junior K.G. to College.
 Bunts Sangha’s Higher Education Project.
Bunts Sangha’s Higher Education Project was initiated in the year 2003 by acquiring a plot of land opposite Buntara Bhavana with an aim to provide Quality Higher Education. The Shashi Manmohan Shetty Higher Education Complex has many divisions namely Anna Leela College of Commerce and Economics, Shobha Jayaram Shetty College of BMS, Ramanath Payyade college of Hospitality, Arathi Shashi Kiran Shetty College of Bsc. IT. A post graduate course in Management studies is proposed from the academic year 2010-11.
 Matrubhumi Co-Operative Credit Society Ltd.,
The Matrubhumi Society  promoted by Bunts Sangh has Subscribed Share capital of Rs.415.00 Lakh  has a deposit base of  Rs.877.00 Lakhs and advance of Rs.921.00 Lakhs.
It is doing a great service to small and medium scale entrepreneur of the community by providing loans at a reasonable rate of interest and has provided a reliable and high yielding saving option for the people.
 Education and Social Welfare
The Bunts Sangha Mumbai is doing a yeomen service  to the Bunt Community by providing following assistance
  1. Scholar ship for the Bunt students of Mumbai, who have passed out with flying colours.
  2. Education aid for the needy students of Bunt community.
  3. Special financial assistance to needy Widows of Bunt community.
  4. Special assistance for the handicapped and differently talented children
The social welfare programme by adopting the needy students started in the year 2005 under the president ship and guidance of Shri.Sudhakar Hegde with active support of their team comprising Aikala Harish Shetty and Karnire Viswanath Shetty, since then between Rs.75.00 Lakhs to Rs.100.00 Lakhs is being collected and distributed every year. Now it is proposed to create a permanent source to mobilise the required money for this programme.  Aikala Harish Shetty has taken up the task of building a Social Welfare Annex Building within the Buntara Bhavana Complex, the income generated from this is proposed to be used for disbursing to needy every year.
This programme could be called Social Engineering within the Bunts Sangha. The community should be thank full to Sudhakar Hegde for pioneering this concept P.V.Shetty for continuing the project in the same zeal, Aikala Harish Shetty and Karnire Vishwanath Shetty for their continuous efforts and for mobilising the fund  for this noble cause, however all the above said people are humble enough to say that they are only the facilitators  and the real heroes are the big hearted donors who have supported the Sangh on a continuous basis for various well intended programme of Bunts Sangh.
 Bunts Sangha’s Gyan Mandir
 Gyan Mandir within the Buntara Bhavana Complex has separate temples of Sree Maha Vishnu, Maha Ganapati, Durga Parameshwari and Naga. The Gyan Mandir celebrates its Anniversary every year in the month of March. During Dasara there you would be festivities for all nine days. Ganesha festival is celebrated every year by bringing in the Ganesh idol.
 Hostel Facility:
Bunts Sangh has hostel facility for Gents and Ladies, the ladies hostel is managed by the ladies wing of Bunts Sangh.
 Medical Centre
Bunts Sangh manages a medical Centre where the medical facilities are provided by the qualified Doctors at free of cost for the needy people. Bunts Sangh also conducts periodic Medical check up Camp for –Cancer detection tests-Gynecological tests-Ortho check up etc., free of cost at various regions of Mumbai with the active co operation of the regional committees of Bunts Sangh.
Bunts Sangh with aim to reach out to the community people in   suburbs of Mumbai has opened up ten regional centers in different parts of Mumbai.
Bunts Sangh with the support of these regional centers  is actively working for the welfare of the Bunt community people settled all over Mumbai and is striving hard to reach out as many people as possible.
Over the years Bunts Sangh Mumbai has become a focal point for the interaction of Bunt community people, provides a platform to exhibit, preserve and nurture our great culture and it has ensured that our younger generation is constantly exposed to our great culture.

Bunts Sangha Mumbai Team

President :
 Aikala Harish Shetty
Vice President 
CA Shankar B. Shetty
 Hon. Gen. Secretary
Shri V.K. Shetty
 Hon. Treasurer
Shri Prabhakar L. Shetty
 Jt. Secretary
Shri Harish Vasu Shetty
 Jt. Treasurer
CA Satish Shetty

Smt. Asha M. Hegde
Vice Chairperson
Smt. Vasanthi M. Shetty 
Hon. Secretary
Smt. Latha P. Shetty
Hon. Treasurer
 Smt. Sheera C. Hegde
Jt. Secretary 
Smt. Pramila S. Shetty
Jt. Treasurer
Smt. Mala Bhaskar Shetty
 Shri Gautam S. Shetty
Vice Chairman
Shri Arvin S. Shetty
Smt. Reshma K. Shetty   
Hon. Treasurer
Shri Prasanna J. Shetty
Jt. Secretary
Shri Vijeeth S. Shetty
Jt. Treasurer
Smt. Ritesh R. Shetty

Shri Manmohan R. Shetty 
Vice Chairman
Shri B. Vivek Shetty
Dr. P.V. Shetty
Shri B.R. Shetty
Shri Praveen B. Shetty
Shri Sudhakar S. Hegde,Shri B.D. Shetty,Dr. Harish Shetty,Shri Jayaram Shetty,Shri S. Nityanand Hegde,Dr. Manohar Hegde,Shri K. Vishwanath Shetty,Shri Mahesh S. Shetty,Shri Harish Vasu Shetty,Shri R.D. Shetty,Shri Ratnakar Shetty
Chairman :
Shri Karnire Vishwanath Shetty
 Vice Chairman
Shri Mahesh S. Shetty
Secretary :
Shri Bhaskar M. Shetty
Treasurer :
Shri Ashok Pakkala
Shri K. D. Shetty
Shri Mudradi Diwakar Shetty,Shri U. Mohandas Shetty,Shri B.R. Shetty,Shri Ratnakar Shetty, Mundkur,Shri Vishwanath Hegde,Shri Karnire Shridhar Shetty Shri Nityanand Hegde,CA Sanjeeva Shetty,Shri Shivram Shetty

 Shri Ratnakar Shetty, Mundkur
Shri Anand P. Shetty         Shri B. Dharmaraj Shetty  Shri Karnire Vishwanath Shetty  Shri Shivram G. Shetty Shri Mahesh S. Shetty CA I. R. Shetty   Shri B. R. Shetty  Adv. Dayanand Shetty   Shri Gautam S. Shetty   Shri N. Vivek Shetty.

Hon. Chief Editor
 Shri Kodu Bhoja Shetty
 Shri Premanath Shetty Mundkur
  Dr. (Prof) Suneetha M. Shetty,Prof. Seetharam R. Shetty,Shri Ratnakar R. Shetty,Shri Achanna M. Shetty,Smt. Shanta V. Shetty,Smt. Asha M. Hegde,Shri Vijayakumar Shetty,Shri Ashok Pakkala,Shri Y. T. Shetty Hegmady,Smt. Sarala R. Shetty,Shri Narayan Shetty Nandalike

 Shri Shantaram B. Shetty
Shri Ulthur Mohandas Shetty,Shri Ratnakar Shetty Mundkur,Shri Bellampalli Balakrishna Hegde,Shri Ashok Adyanthaya,Shri Vasanth N. Shetty,Shri Bhaskar M.Shetty.Navi Mumbai ,Shri Vijaykumar Shetty, Dombivli .Shri Chandrahas K. Shetty.
 Dr. Manohar Hegde
Shri Ulthur Mohandas Shetty
Shri Mahesh S. Shetty, Powai,Shri Shantaram B. Shetty,Shri Shivram G. Shetty,Shri Bellampalli Balakrishna Hegde,Shri Ashok Adyanthaya,Shri Bhaskar M.Shetty, Navi Mumbai   Shri Vasanth N. Shetty,Shri Chandrahas K. Shetty
 Shri Shivram G. Shetty
Shri Vithal S. Alva
 Shri Karnire Vishwanath Shetty,Shri Ratnakar Shetty Mundkur,Shri Chandrahas M. Rai,Shri Vishwanath Hegde Shri B. R. Hegde Shri Ulthur Mohandas Shetty,Shri Bellampalli Balakrishna Hegde

Chairman :
 Shri Bellampalli Balakrishna Hegde
Shri Jaya A. Shetty Shri Shivram G. Shetty Shri Ratnakar Shetty Mundkur Shri B.R. Shetty Dr. Prabhakar Shetty B. Shri Ulthur Mohandas Shetty Shri Vittal Alva

Chairman : Shri Mahesh S. Shetty
Shri Karnire Vishwanath Shetty,CA Shri I. R. Shetty,Shri Shivram G. Shetty,Shri Mudradi Diwakar Shetty,Shri Jaya A. Shetty,Shri Vittal S. Alva,  Dr. Prabhakar Shetty B.,Shri Chandrahas K. Shetty,Shri B. Bellampalli Balakrishna Hegde,Shri B. R. Shetty,Shri Vijayakumar Shetty K. J.,Dr. J. Manohar Hegde,Shri N. Vivek Shetty,Shri Yermal Harish Shetty,Shri Ravi M. Bhandary,Shri Uthur Mohandas Shetty,Shri Rajendra Shetty,     Shri Santosh D. Shetty, Corporator  ,Shri Satish Shetty (Peninsula)     Shri Bhaskar D. Shetty, Vashi,Shri K. Shridhar Shetty,Shri Vishwanath P.Shetty, Vasai,Shri Vishwanath Hegde,Shri Anand P. Shetty,Shri Bhaskar K. Shetty,Shri Diwakar Shetty Adyar,Shri Praveen B. Shetty,Shri Ratnakar N. Shetty M.,Shri Jagannath Rai,Shri Sanjeeva M. Shetty,Shri Ravindra S. Shetty,CA Ramesh Shetty,Advocate Shri R.G. Shetty,Shri Venugopal Shetty, Innanje,Shri Sunder M. Shetty,Shri Vasanth N. Shetty,Shri Ganesh Shetty Aikala,Shri Diwakar Shetty Indrali,Shri Shivram S. Shetty,Shri Premnath Shetty,Shri Chandrahas Rai,CA Sanjeeva Shetty,Shri Vijayakumar S. Shetty,Smt. Asha M. Hegde,Smt. Vasanthi Shetty,Shri Pradeep Shetty,Shri Rohit Shetty,Ms. Gauri Shetty,Shri Kaup Ashok Shetty,Shri Shantaram B. Shetty

Shri Vijaykumar Shetty
Shri Ratnakar Shetty,Shri Kodu Bhoja Shetty,Prof. Seetharam R. Shetty,Shri Ratnakar G. Shetty,Shri Vishwanath S. Shetty,Shri Anil Shetty Yelinje,Shri Damodar Shetty,Shri Ashok Pakkala,Shri Premnath Shetty Mundkur,Shri Gautam S. Shetty,Shri Kaup Ashok R. Shetty,Shri Ganesh Shetty.

Chairman : Shri B. R. Shetty
Member : Shri V. K. Shetty
Chairman : Shri Chandrahas K. Shetty
Chairman :
Shri Sanjeeva N. Shetty
Vice Chairmen
Shri Bhaskar Shetty M
Shri Nandikur  Jagdish Shetty

Shri Harish Gambhir
Shri  Adaypadi  Balakrishna Shetty
Smt. Renuka R. Rai
 Chairperson,Mahila Vibhag
Shri Manoj A. Shetty
Chairman :
Shri Padmanabh S. Payyade
Vice Chairman
Shri Yermal Harish Shetty
Shri Ratnakar Shetty, M.
 Hon. Secretary
Shri Ratnakar Shetty
Chairman, Youth Wing
Shri Ravindra S. Shetty
 Chairperson Ladies Wing
Smt. Kumari M. Shetty
Chairman :
Shri Mudradi Diwakar Shetty
Vice Chairman
CA Ramesh Shetty
Shri C.V. Shetty
Shri Ravindranath Bhandary
 Jt. Secretary
Shri Jayaram L.Shetty
 Jt. Treasurer
Shri Amit Poonja
 Chairperson, Ladies,Wing
Smt. Pratibha C.Shetty
 Chairman, Youth Wing
Master Ajay Shetty

Chairman :
Shri Diwakar Shetty Indrali
Vice Chairmen
Shri Venugopal M. Rai
Shri Prabhakar R. Shetty
Shri Ganesh V. Shetty Aikala
Shri Vijith T. Shetty
 Jt. Secretary
Shri Sukumar N. Shetty
 Jt. Treasurer
Shri Rajiv Bhandary
Shri Vijaykumar Shetty
Shri Vijith T. Shetty
Shri Vittal A. Shetty
Chairman : Shri Jagannath Rai
Chairman :
 Shri Vishwanath S. Shetty
Shri Daya Shankar Shetty
 Advisory Chairman
 Shri Shekar L. Shetty 
 Vice Chairmen
Shri Vasu K. Shetty              
Shri Gopal K. Shetty
 Shri Sudhir S. Shetty
Shri Jagdish G. Shetty
Shri Divakar B. Shetty

Social Welfare Chairman 
Shri Subbayya A. Shetty
Shri Harish T. Shetty
Shri Ravindra Y. Shetty
 Jt. Secretaries
Shri Krishna Shetty
Shri Shekar T. Shetty
Jt. Treasurer
Shri Uday K. Shetty
 Co Ordinators
Shri Dayanand V. Shetty
Shri Bhaskar T. Shetty
Shri Raja L. Poonja
Shri Surendra P. Rai

Shri Jayaram Shetty
 Shri Hariesh Kumar M. Shetty
 Shri Shivram S. Shetty
Vice Chairman
 Dr. Bhaskar Shetty 
Vice Chairman
Dr. N. A. Hegde
Hon. Secretary
Shri Chandrashekar Shetty
 Hon. Treasurer
Shri Jayaprakash Hegde
Jt. Secretary
Shri. Shankar Shetty
 Jt. Treasurer
 Shri Ravi Shetty
Advisory Board Chairman
Shri Bhaskar Shetty
 Chairperson, Ladies Wing
Smt. Malthi K. Shetty
 Vice-Chairperson, Ladies Wing
Smt. Sumati R. Shetty   
 Jt.Vice Chairperson, Ladies Wing
Smt. Suguna A.Shetty  
 Jt. Secretary, Ladies Wing      
Smt. Sujatha Shetty
Jt.Treasurer, Ladies Wing 
Smt. Sandhya N. Shenava
 Advisor, Ladies Wing
 Smt. Leela Hegde  
 Chairman Youth Wing  
Shri Shivaprasad Shetty  
 Vice-Chairman, Youth Wing
Shri Uday Shetty 
 Secretary Youth Wing
Shri Rakesh Shetty

Aikala Harish Shetty

Shri. Aikala Harish Shetty President Bunts Sangh Mumbai, son of Yelathur Guthu Ramanna Shetty and Aikala Kurumbil Guthu Devaki R Shetty born on 19th April 1961, did his initial schooling in Shimanthuru Sharada High school and did his graduation from Vijaya College Mulki.

Aikala Harish Shetty is a born leader he exhibited his leadership qualities in his early days, he was elected as President of Students Union Vijaya College Mulki during 1983-84 and has served as Joint Secretary All College Students Union Dakshina Kannada during the year 1982-83. During college days Aikala Harish Shetty took active part in various sports and cultural activities of the college to name a few of his achievements:
  1. Winner of  “Mr. Mangalore University” (Best Physique Contest) title for two consecutive years during 1982-83 and 1983-84
  2. Winner “Mr. South Kanara” title in the year 1982
  3. Winner Mr. Karnataka Kishore” title during 1982
  4. Won Silver Medal “Bharath Kishor” in the National Body Building contest held at Jamshedpur during 1983.
  5. Won “Three Stars” Merit Certificate in the National Physical Efficiency Test Conducted by the Government of India, Ministry of Educational and Social Welfare.
On completion of graduation Aikala moved into Mumbai and started his business venture in the hotel industry, and got himself involved in various cultural, religious organisations.  He has made very significant contributions by co coordinating and mobilizing huge financial resources to various religious organisations and has made substantial donations to various temples across Mumbai and Dakshina Kannada. Aikala is a firm believer of Goddess Durga Parameshwari he attributes his success to the blessing Goddess .Durga Devi of Shree Kshethra Kateelu.  His major contributions towards religious and social activity are as follows:

1.   Built “Mahadhwara” at Shree Kshethra Kateelu
      2.   Built “Mahadwara” at Shree Kshethra Bappanadu.
      3.   Served as President, Brahmmakalashothsava Samithi of Mumbai, Kateelu                    
            Shree Durga Parameshwari Temple.
      4.    Served as President, Jeernoddara Samithi of Mumbai, Mahammayi Temple
  1. Served as Secretary Jeernoddara Samithi of Mumbai, Mahalingeshwara Temple Yealatthur.
  2. Served as Director, Kanjangad Shree Nithyananda Education Trust.
His association with Bunts Sangha Mumbai started way back in 1994 during this period he has worked effortless in what ever responsibility assigned to him by the managing committee. He has served Bunts Sangha Mumbai in various capacities which include Vice Chairman SM Shetty School, Powai, Chairman Sports Committee, Chairman Education Committee, Vice President and presently the President Bunts Sangha Mumbai. Bunts Sangha Mumbai has awarded him with Gold Medal for four times. He was also awarded with Best worker Trophy, even today people  remembers with appreciation his leadership qualities in organising Annual Sports Meet of Bunts Sangha Mumbai during his long term of seven years as Chairman Sports Committee.
In recognition of his leadership qualities he was appointed as Vice President Federation of World Bunts.
His other major service is in the social welfare activity of Bunts Sangha Mumbai, under the leadership of the then president Shri. Sudhakar Hegde, Aikala Harish Shetty and Karnire Vishwanath Shetty initiated a major welfare programme which actually started as an one time affair to help the victims of floods in Mumbai, looking at the response and realizing the need for a such a service it was then decided to have a permanent programme to help the needy of Bunt Community on a regular basis. Today under this scheme financial help is provided to thousands of students and needy people of Bunt Community and around Rs.100.00 Lakhs is being distributed annually to the needy under this programme.
The credit for this should be given to Shri.Sudhakar Hegde under whose president ship this programme was initiated, Shri. Aikala Harish Shetty  Shri.Karnier Viswanath Shetty who worked effortlessly in mobilizing the required money and in identifying the needy people and Shri P.V.Shetty who supported and guided the programme during his term as president of Bunts Sangha.
Aikala Harish Shetty was unanimously elected as the President of Bunts Sangh in Sept-2008. He wasted no time in preparing a blue print of  the programme that he wishes to implement during his term as President of Bunts Sangha Mumbai, his major area of  concern are as follows:

  1. To create a permanent corpus to finance the annual requirement of Social Welfare programme by building Social Welfare Annex building and use the revenue generated by this towards Social welfare programme.
  2. To expand the regional committee of Bunts Sangha with an aim to reach out larger section of the Bunt community scattered all over Mumbai and its extended suburbs.
  3. To renovate and upgrade the Bunts Sangha Auditorium.

Now  during last one year of his term  he and his team  and succeeded in mobilizing the required finance ( Rs.400.00 Lakh)  for  the construction  social welfare annex building, and the work is in progress as per the schedule, this building is expected to be completed by year ending 2009. The renovation and up gradation of Auditorium is expected to be completed by end of October-09.  As on date eight regional committee has been set up and has already started serving the people of the respective area by conducting various cultural and social programme.
Despite such a huge success in implementing various programmes he is humble enough to say that he is only a catalyst in the entire activity and he passes on the credit to the big hearted donors who have contributed to various activities of Bunts Sangh Mumbai.
Aikala Harish Shetty is a humble person and a very good administrator he works hard to discharge the responsibility assigned to him and expects /demands the same kind of commitment from his team.
 He is married to Smt.Chandrika H. Shetty and has a son Arjun H Shetty and a daughter Sannidhi H. Shetty.
 The president of Bunts Sangha needs to devote  lot of time and energy into various activities of the Sangha only then one can do the justice to the post , one need to have passion to serve the society and Aikala has it in plenty.  Smt.Chandrika Harish Shetty has a major role in the success of Aikala Harish Shetty.
 We wish good health and prosperity to Shri.Aikala Harish Shetty and his family and wish all the success in his business venture.


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    Page emblem not looking like royal bunts..! It looks like J..!sorry to comment this..! there is always some critics while doing good work..! i realy appriciate and congrats for u r efforts to do this all great job.critics is the essiest job to do..! sorry once again.
    please change it as hoysala king or a krishna Devaraya or Rani abbakka devi or if conflict to claim that Great Kings were bunts royal just keep some Indian version of crown or any other royal YajmaNa"Mundasu" sachin melbourne.

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